Free Apps

Rules for Free Android + iOS Combo Pack

- Order Both together, if you want individual then you need to pay as per our website price.

- No APK and IPA provide you, If you want any apk or IPA then you need to pay 80 Euro Each, for iOS you need to buy 249$ plan from apple store, then ipa will be distribute.

- Rackons Admob and Push Notification will be use, if you want remove admob and push notification, or use your own account service then you need to pay us 100 Euro for both app.

- We will upload both app on your playstore and apple store(when you will buy both app store membership from that website then you need to provide us both login details)

- No guarantee for Live Apps on app store. we will upload once time only. more than one time we will take small charge per updation and upload charge.

- We will live both app as per our demo. if you want any changes in free apps then you need to pay charge as per custom work.(Min Charge 50 Euro per custom work).

- You need to provide some info about your apps, if you will not provide us those detail then we will not mention that detail on app store, and we will not ask again and again, if something missing or appstore criteria will not match with providing by you then you will responsible not Rackons and Rackons Team.

- Images and logo should be Same size as per mentioned on appstore .

- If google and apple will change any policy or code, or anything after create our app then we will not solve that issue, for that you neeed to pay us .

- You need to provide everything at one time otherwise you will responsible.

- Color scheme, header, navigation will be use in free app, if you want change that fields then you need to pay small fees.

- No Live chat and email support in free apps.

- we will not responsible for account suspension from appstore.

- Duration For Android (3 Working Days), iOS App( 7 Working Days).

- Only Webview App

- Please mail us all details at ( website link, google play store Login Details , Apple Store login details, App Icons- 1024X1024)

- No Source Code.

Special Note : When you will buy google play store account membership and apple store account membership as per mentioned both website then provide that details, if you will not buy both membership plan from that website then we will declined your apps work. and we will inform you for decline projects.
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Disclaimer :
"Keep in mind that there is no other website officially reselling our osclass themes & plugins, we do not provide support for themes & plugins they were bought outside this website!" 

Special Note :-  
- User need to pay extra amount if they want to change or add extra features in our Osclass themes, Plugins, App, Mobile Theme etc. ( Starting from $10 )
- If User want full licence of their own customization work then we will take extra charge. $99 for 1 Plugin, $149 for 1 Theme. Then Rackons Team cant sell their custom work on our site.

Osclass Problem :-
If you have any query regarding Osclass Theme , Plugins, App, Custom Work then you can ask with our expert on Our Forum. they will help you on forum publicly. if you have any query regarding your website then you can ask on our forum then our team will reply you