Osclass Messenger Plugin


Username : messenger_demo@gmail.com
password : demo123

Plugin Name: Osclass Messenger
Plugin URI: https://osclassmarket.rackons.in
Version: 1.0.0
Author: Rackons
Author URI: https://rackons.in
Author Email: info@rackons.in
Short Name: osclass_messenger


By Using Osclass Messenger plugin, Buyer and seller can send message with each other. They will also receive emails when they get get message. 


When user will get any message then they will get notified by Notification Box and Male Voice Message

Features :

Buyer to Seller or Seller to Buyer Messaging
- Attractive Look 

- Pre-Sale Messages Tags ( only 5 Tags )
- add link in header to show last 3 messages

- registered & non-registered users can send message to other users from listings
- Email Notification on every new messages
- Notification Box with Male Voice Message "YOU HAVE RECEIVED NEW MESSAGE
- Minify Css
- Easy to install and Use
- Compatible with All Osclass Themes and Version.

  • Availability: 88
  • Model: osclass-messenger-plugin
  • Manufacturer: Rackons

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