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Rollover Maps Country Wise (rollover-map-country)
Rollover Maps With All Countries

We create custom interactive Rollover map for all countries like Sri Lanka Rollover Map  . The price is Euro 19.99 for the smaller maps up to a 20 Regions. For maps with more than 20 regions, please contact us on our Live chat Support Team.

How does it work?

Simple! All we need a picture of the final map & Region List according to your country and we will create the rollover map plugin for you. 

Note : If you want map with more than 20 regions then price will be different and you need to talk with our live chat support team to know the price.
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Footer Banner Plugin for Osclass (footer-banner-for-osclass-rackons)

Plugin Name: Footer Banner Plugin
Plugin URI:
Version: 1.0.1
Author: Rackons
Author URI:
Short Name: footer_banner_plugin


This plugin display responsive and stylish Banner in Footer of website.

Features :

Compatible with all themes and osclass versions
- Admin can put anywhere on site to display this banner
- Admin can change header title, text, description from plugin admin settings.
- Admin can change background color and link of banner.
- Admin need to use icons url from Flat icons website
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Osclass WhatsApp Chat Plugin (osclasswhatsappchat)

Plugin Name: WhatsApp Chat
Plugin URI:
Version: 1.0.1
Author: Rackons
Author URI:
Short Name: whatsApp_chat


Buyer and seller chat with each one through WhatsApp. Seller need to put whatsapp number while posting an ad , then seller whatsapp Chat will display on that item page, after that buyers can easily chat with seller through whatsapp. 

Features :

- Easy to use
- Simple and Compatible with all themes
- No admin panel for that plugin
- Circle whatsapp chat icon

Note : We are working on Multi Messaging Chat Plugin for Buyers-Sellers ( Line Chat, Snap Chat, Messenger, Viber, Vk, Telegram etc )

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Osclass Business Pack with 3 Month Free Hosting (osclass-business-pack-with-hosting)
Osclass Business Pack with 3 Month Free Hosting

In this Pack, we offering you full classified package with 3 Month Free Hosting Plan.

1. Theme : ClassyEra Theme ($39.00)
2. Plugins : - Social Login ($20.00)
                   - Payment Plugin ($20.00)
                   - Auto Post on Twitter ($15.00)
                   - Sticky Social Share ($10.00)
                   - Seller Verified ($15.00)
                   - One SEO Plugin ($20.00)
                   - Sitemap Plugin ($10.00)
3. Three Month Free Hosting ($55)  -
         Features :
  • Host Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Transfer
  • Unlimited Email(s)
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Sub-Domains
  • Unlimited Email Accounts, Forwarders, Auto Responders
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Full Live Chat Support
  • One Script Installer

Note : After Payment Confirmation your hosting will be activate within 24 Hours. And Your theme and plugins will be send on your registered mail id.
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Auto Post Pinterest Plugin For Osclass (autopost_pinterest_plugin_osclass)

After published, please see result here :

Plugin Name:
Auto Post Pinterest Plugin
Plugin URI:
Rackons Market For Osclass
Author URI:

Support URI:

Auto Post Pinterest Plugin

Auto post pinterest is a unique Plugin that automatically post your osclass ad listings to the most popular Social Site such as Pinterest. It is most awaited and needed plugin for osclass, it will help you boost your social media network, from which you will get more traffic to your website from pinterest. You can save your time and reach all friends and followers by using Auto Post Pinterest Plugin. Just post an ad and plugin will do the rest. Once you click "Publish" button your post will go to Pinterest configured Social Network account. The whole process is completely automated. Just post a new ad and your new ad with backlink will be published to pinterest. You can reach the most audience and tell all your friends, readers and followers about your new post. Plugin works with profiles, business pages, community pages etc.
Admin can also post every listing from oc-admin after editing the listing.

Before Using this plugin, you need to create account on Pinterest

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Web and Mobile Push Notification for Osclass (push-notification-plugin)

Plugin Name: Web and Mobile Push Notification Plugin
Plugin URI:
Version: 1.0.1
Author: Rackons Market
Author URI:
Short Name: push_notify


This Web and mobile Notification plugin use for sending Notification to Web and mobile users, Who will subscribe for the notifications.

Features :

- Send Web and Mobile push Notification through Moengage
- Send Web and Mobile push Notification through OneSignal 
- Use Custom Web and Mobile Push Notification 

In Custom Notification, Admin need to put the Title, Body Message, Image Url, Web Url.

We also mention youtube video tutorial for Moengage and Onesignal.
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Subdomain Service For Osclass (subdomain-for-osclass)
We are providing sub domain service for osclass due to huge demand for this service in osclass market . So, we are taking small fees for sub domain integration and configuration on your site. 

You need to provide us your cpanel after making payment. It will take maximum 2 hr to complete the sub-domain process on your hosting. (Dont use cheap hosting for sub domain service).  You need to specify which type of subdomain you want like : Users, Categories, Countries, Regions or Cities then we will do according to your specification.

After using our sub domain service, you dont need to install multiple osclass and multiple database. We will do with one osclass and one database with one theme

After making payment please provide us or mail ( us your cpanel details (Your cpanel details will not shared with third party.)

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Osclass Website to Mobile App Source Code ( For Android Only ) (osclass-android-source-code)
Osclass Website to Mobile App is a Android based application for Android devices. It’s easy to use, with simple and beautiful design. This is a Web View application what transform your Osclass Classified Website to a Android application, Android project that allows you to wrap your osclass website in a simple Android application.

Now Turn your Osclass responsive website into a mobile Android app within minutes. In addition to transforming your Osclass Classified site into an app, it can do much more!

We also mentioned Documentaion link in this app for customization and build your Osclass Android App. You can easily build your Osclass Webview Android App through our Source Code.
- No Extra coding!!!
- No technical Skills Required!
- No Programming Skills Required
- Easy to Customize
- Support All Osclass Responsive Theme
- Well Documentation for understanding the Guidelines

You need only Latest Android Studio for build Osclass Android App, One Signal Details for Push Notification, Google Admob for monetization your app to earn money easily

Explore the many useful options & features we offer below :

1. Push notifications with OneSignal
- You can send notification to your osclass users through onesignal Website
( )

2. Admob
 Monetize your app within seconds and Earn Money from your Osclass Android app. Just enter your Admob Banner Id and Start Earning!!!

3. Splash Screen
- it will shows when app is first time launched on android device, You can use to display your osclass website logo, name, advertising content etc.

4. Pull-to-refresh
- It is a touchscreen gesture that consists of touching the screen of a computing device with a finger or pressing a button on a pointing device, dragging the screen downward with the finger or pointing device, and then releasing it, as a signal to the application to refresh the contents of the screen. You can also use this stylish layout to indicate page loading.

5.Navigation Drawer
- It is OPTIONAL. You can use the navigation drawer to add all your Osclass Website Menus to your Osclass Android app and It is hidden when not in use, but appears when the user swipes a finger from the left edge of the screen or, when at the top level of the app, the user touches the drawer icon in the app bar.

6. Rate my App
- A dialog that will display after x days or x launches to ask app users for rating on your Osclass Android App. An easy way to get more reviews on Google Play Store.

7. Google Analytics
- You can use Google Anaytics to track your Osclass Android app, find out at how many installs you have and full anaytics of your app

8. Many More Exciting Features
- You can change app color, icons, header color, show / hide header, customizations, loading indicator, About us Dialog, Share feature, Many More

Note: After purchasing this app source code, we will not responsible if your app is approved or not. But we are sure that All osclass Android app is approved from our side. If you want build apk or any customization work from us then you need to pay extra. We will not build your app at FREE of Cost.

Please Dont ask for Discount or Refund for this product. Its Easy to customize

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GDPR Cookie Compliance Osclass Plugin (gdpr)

Plugin Name: GDPR Cookie Compliance Plugin
Plugin URI:
Version: 1.2.1
Author: Rackons Market
Author URI:
Author Email:
Short Name: gdpr_cookie_compliance


GDPR plugin for cookie policies that displays a GDPR Cookie Consent Notice popup to helps you comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Click the Customize Cookies to display several options with checkboxes that enable the visitors to opt-in and opt-out of the various types of cookies:

- Analytics - Cookies used to analyse your behaviour on a website,  browser types, etc

- Essential - Essential cookies, these are cookies that are either used solely to carry out or facilitate the transmission of communications over a network or strictly necessary to provide an online service (e.g. our website or a service on our website) which you have requested

- Marketing - Cookies related to marketing, e.g. newsletters, social media, etc

- Site Preferences - These are cookies that are related to site preferences, e.g. remembering your username, site colours, etc.

After Installing this plugin, it will automatically run on website, you dont need to put any code
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Google Bing XML Sitemap Osclass Plugin (xml-sitemap)
Plugin Name: Google Bing XML Sitemap
Plugin URI:
Version: 1.0.0
Author: Rackons Market
Author URI:
Short Name: google-bing-xml-sitemap
Plugin update URI: google_bing_xml_sitemap


This plugin create Google and Bing XML Sitemap for Osclass

Sitemaps are an easy way for webmasters to inform search engines about pages on their sites that are available for crawling. In its simplest form, a Sitemap is an XML file that lists URLs for a site along with additional metadata about each URL (when it was last updated, how often it usually changes, and how important it is, relative to other URLs in the site) so that search engines can more intelligently crawl the site.This is a Google Bing XML Sitemap, meant for consumption by search engines.

It is the most popular plugin in the Osclass to create multiple sitemap for Items, Categories, Pages, Category Cities, Category Regions, Category Countries, Custom

NOTE : With this XML Sitemap, you need to buy also Advanced SEO plugin from our market : CLICK HERE Then you can get best response and your site will get searching on Google and bing
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Advanced SEO With Schema Osclass Plugin (advanced_seo_schema)

We are using this Plugin on our site for India Country so you can check Alexa Rank in India

Plugin Name: Advanced SEO with Schema
Plugin URI:
Version: 2.1.1
Author: Rackons Market
Author URI:
Author Email:
Short Name: advanced_seo_schema

Description :

This plugin help you more to getting traffic from the free, organic search results on search engines. We also used Schema and Open graph for social media platform. This is Super fast, light-weight plugin for adding structured data markup in recommended JSON-LD format automatically to osclass sites. Enhanced Presentation in Search Results By including structured data appropriate to your content, your site can enhance its search results and presentation. 

- After Using this plugin, your Alexa Rank will increase
- Your Site indexing will increase on Google
- Your Site indexing will increase on Bing
- Your Site indexing will increase on Yandex

Supported Google/Schema Markups
- open Graph
- Logos

- Company Contact Numbers
- Social Profile Links
- Website details like Email, Address, etc
- Days of Week
- Website Author Name / Founder Name
- Many More 

After Using this plugin, please buy Sitemap Plugin for Google Webmaster Tool Setting
NOTE : With this Advanced SEO plugin, you need to buy also GOOGLE BING XML SITEMAP plugin from our market : CLICK HERE  for Google and Bing Webmaster Tool Setting

After purchasing this plugin, please read help before configuration this plugin. 

If you face any problem then you can ask from our live chat support team. After using this plugin you dont need to invest more more money in SEO or SMO.

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Osclass Complete Pack (complt_pack)

Osclass Complete Pack is very useful for startup. Even if your budget is low and cant invest in classified business then you need to choose only Osclass Complete Pack. We created specially this pack for small users. In this pack, we will providing full features of Osclass classified with Hosting and SEO & many more. 

  1. One year Linux Hosting ( Host One Website, Unlimited Space, Unlimited Transfer, Unlimited Emails ) 
  2. Any One Domain (.com, .net, .in, )
  3. Any One Theme ( Rackons, Facebook, Google from our Rackons Market ) 
  4. Android App
  5. All in One SEO Pack
  6. Social Power Pack 
  7. Registered Users Online Plugin 
  8. List Time Ago Plugin
  9. User Listing Counter Plugin
  10. Wish Message Plugin
  11. FREE Livechat and Email Support
Duration : 3 Working Days
Special Note : For Advanced SEO, Backlinks, Search Engine Indexing, Boost Ranking and many more, please contact us or chat us.

Note : No Coupon code or Discount code will be applicable on this product.
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Rackons Market Plugin For Osclass Products (rackons_market_osclass_plugins)

Rackons Market Plugin For Osclass Products

In this plugin you will get Live updates of our Rackons Products (Osclass Theme, Plugins, App, SEO ) Only .  When we will update any product or any offer or any discount code then you will receive notification on your desktop

Changelog : 1.0.1 (25th feb, 2018)

- Added New search option 
- User now search all Rackons products from own oc-admin without visit on Rackons Market
- User can download purchased product from own website oc-admin without visit on Rackons Market.
- Check all Rackons products and buy/search/download/support via this plugin from own website oc-admin.

Features and Note : 

- Refer and Earn : You can use code individually for each product on your site. You can earn upto 50% per sale. 

- We have mentioned embed code for each product with every products. 

- You need just copy and paste any product code on your site and start earning. 

- After register on our site ( ) , you will receive mail for your monthly commission report. 

- If you want earn more then share code of every product with your friends then they can put on own sites and blog. 

- With this plugin you will get Live updates of our Rackons Products(Osclass Theme, Plugins, App, SEO )Only 

- When we will update any product or any offer or any discount code then you will receive notification on your desktop.

Dont remove this Rackons Market Plugin otherwise you will miss Live Updates and Latest Offers.

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[-32% off] Osclass Plugins Pro Pack

This Pack Contains

1. OSCLASS WHATSAPP CHAT PLUGIN - Price 10.00 € , Price with the pack 7 €

Price 19.99 € , Price with the pack 14 €

OSCLASS MULTILANGUAGE DISCUSSION FORUM PLUGIN - Price 19.00  , Price with the pack 13 €

4 WEB AND MOBILE PUSH NOTIFICATION PLUGIN - Price 15.00  , Price with the pack 9 €

FOOTER BANNER PLUGIN FOR OSCLASS - Price 10.00  , Price with the pack 7 

( Total Price : 74   You are saving 24  with this pack. 

Osclass Plugins Pro Pack Contains : 

  Footer Banner Plugin

+ Web Push Notiifcation Plugin

+ WhatsApp Chat Plugin

+ Discussion Forum Plugin

+ Mobile Footer Menu Plugin

with Big discount!

This is a great pack for Osclass Users !

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Ad Status Plugin For Osclass (Ad-Status-Plugin-For-Osclass)

Plugin Name: Ad Status
Plugin URI:
Version: 1.0.0
Author: Rackons Market
Author URI:
Author Email:
Short Name: ad_status


Allows Users to set status for item like : Sold, Rent, Buy, Sell, Trade , etc.
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Classified Portal (classified_osclass)

Total Sales : 3

Start Your Classified Business at Very Low Price with Advanced SEO

Rackons classified portal with unique design and functionality with Advanced SEO, that is easy to use for anyone on any device (mobile, tablet or desktop). and will get better alexa ranking and increase website visitors and generate revenue.

Features :

  • Easy To Use 
  • Mobile Responsive
  • User friendly
  • SEO Friendly
  • Easy Design
  • Full Control through admin
  • Compatible with All Osclass version 3.2+
  • Compatible with All Osclass Plugins
  • Free any 1 Theme Installation - USD $50.00
  • Free Upto 10 Plugins ( 3D Social Auth, All in One SEO with Sitemap, Sticky Social Share, Facebook Comment, Fortumo Mobile Payment, Registered User Online, Seller Verified, Facebook Send Dialog, List Time Ago, Item Like Dislike ) - USD $100.00
  • Free Online Live Chat Support for 1 Year ( After that, paid Support service depend on your site modifications )
  • Advanced SEO ( Googe and Bing Indexing, Keyword Cannibalization and Your Website Architecture, 25 backlinks, Meta Keywords, Schema, Follow or NoFollow Attribute ) - USD $ 299.00
  • FREE 1 Year Hosting - USD $120.00
  • Free 1 Domain ( any one - .com, .net, .org )
  • Free 1 Android App - USD $40.00
  • Many More..

PRICE : USD $599.00

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Telegram Chat Plugin for Osclass (telegram)

Plugin Name: Telegram Chat
Plugin URI:
Version: 1.0.2
Author: Rackons
Author URI:
Short Name: telegram_chat


Buyer and seller can chat with each other through Telegram. Seller need to put telegram username while posting an ad , then seller telegram Chat will display on that item page, after that buyers can easily chat with seller through telegram (Web and App). 

If user using website then user can chat with seller through website telegram, otherwise they can use telegram app from mobile.

Features :

- Easy to use
- Simple and Compatible with all Osclass version and themes
Easy to customise from admin panel
- Chat Button Name, Chat Button Color, Button and Text Size, Radius, Activate / Deactivate Username
- Animated Button
- Easy to install ( Put the plugin code on item-post  and item-page )

Changelog :

- Bug Fixed
- Only Login Users can chat with sellers
- Enable / Disable login options from admin
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Super Saver Pack For Osclass (super-saver-pack)
Good News for all Osclass Existing and New Users. In classified site every user needs to invest more for 

Classified Theme 
Classified Useful Plugins
SEO For Classified Site 

And Total Investment approximate $600 . so its Really Too much for that. But new Startup Companies, or Employees, House wife want to start Classified business, but when they have seen to invest $600 or more then they will change the decision or close that business.

But Good News for All of them, If you really want to start new classified business at very low price with all features. So you need to join Rackons Market Then we will give you all of them service at very low price :

Classified Theme
Classified Useful Plugins
SEO For Classified Site

Features of Domain :

Only .COM Domain will be provided with this pack for one year, after that renew from us. Renew price will be PAID

Feature of Hosting :

Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Sub Domain
Unlimited SQL Database
Unlimited Space
Unlimited Addon Domain
Unlimited Parked Domain
Price for Hosting in Super Saver Pack : FREE
One Year Hosting will be provided with this pack, after that renew from us. Renew price will be PAID

Choice in Classified Theme :

- Classyera Theme
- Rackons Theme 
- Facebook Theme
- Google Theme
- Map Based Theme same as :
Any One Theme for Osclass User in Super Saver Pack : FREE

Features of SSL :

Rackons provide you Free 3 Month SSL Only , after that you want to renew from us. or buy from other ssl provider.

Plugins Include : 
- Sticky Social Sharing
- Social Login
- Payment Plugin
- Osclass Messenger 
- Wish Message 2.0
- Fortumo Plugin
- Seller Verified
- GEO Location Plugin
- User Online
- Intro Tour Plugin

we will setup your classified business then you will Run your classified business easily. and our Expert will give you suggestion time to time related to your site.

So you just think about that, how much you will save . and that rest of amount you can invest in your advertising like adwords, facebook adverts, twitter,etc.

Why you visit on other site, just chat with Rackons Team and Enjoy our Service at low price.

**** This amount is only for our service and support that we will provide you at the time of installation, configuration,etc.

Special Note :
- If user will add extra plugins, themes, or custom work then they need to pay extra amount as per our charges.

- If user wants to remove any plugins, theme, any above service then Rackons will not deduct any amount. They need to pay full amount as per this package Price
- Setup will complete within 3 Working Days
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Osclass Multilanguage Discussion Forum Plugin

Total Sales : 19

Plugin Name: Osclass Discussion Forum
Plugin URI:
Version: 2.4.1
Author: Rackons Market
Author URI:
Support Forum :


Osclass Discussion Forum plugin allow users to discuss about your classified site or any topic related to classified site, products, real estate, vehicles, anything on Forum.

Features :

- Only Logged-in User can POST and REPLY any topics.
- All Non-logged-in and Logged-in user can VIEW all posts and reply
- Multilanguage
- User can use WYSIWYG Editor while post new topic and reply on post.
- User can use Emoji
- User can use IFRAME, Button, Hyperlink, Font-color, Fon-size, Font Styles etc
- User can check PREVIEW Before Posting
- User can PRINT any discussion
- User can UPLOAD Images, Audio, Video etc
- Modern and Advanced Look
- Compatible with Osclass 3.0 and Above & All Osclass Themes

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Search Filter By Seller Plugin For Osclass (search_by_seller)

Plugin Name: Search Filter by Seller
Plugin URI:
Version: 1.0.1
Author: Rackons
Author URI:
Author Email:
Short Name: search_by_seller


User can filter by Sellers on Search Page. 
All Seller List will be display on search page so, it will be easy to search listings according to seller.
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Listing Timeline Slider Osclass Plugin (listing_timeline_slider)

Plugin Name: Listing Timeline Slider
Plugin URI:
Version: 1.2.1
Author: Rackons Market
Author URI:
Author Email:


This plugin will display latest listing in timeline slider horizontally on Desktop and Vertically on Mobile.

This is a timeline slider plugin for osclass with jQuery that dynamically displays latest listings in a responsive, scrollable, horizontal/vertical slider with a subtle fadeIn animation.

The timeline slider will automatically change the direction based on the current screen size. Compatible with Desktop and mobile.

Key Points:
Title and Description will display only

- Responsive slider Design
- Compatible with all osclass theme and version
- Hyperlink on Title Only
- Compatible with Desktop and mobile.

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Poll or Feedback Osclass Plugin (poll-feedback-plugin)

Plugin Name: Poll / Feedback Plugin
Plugin URI:
Version: 1.2.1
Author: Rackons Market
Author URI:
Author Email:
Short Name: poll_feedback


This plugin is used to create poll or feedback for your users with beautiful Pie Chart Results. 

Features :

- User Friendly

- Responsive
- Compatible with All themes and Osclass Versions
- Beautiful Pie Chart Result
- Admin can put own questions and answer for Poll or Feedback
- Maximum Options will display Limit 6 Only
- No need to modify any php file or plugin for using our Poll Plugin
- Easy Plugin Setting
- User can change the Option Button color
- User can change the Option Button background color
- User can change the Poll Button color
- Full Access of poll plugin from oc-admin
- Multi language : Admin can put content in their own language.

Note : If you want any type of query or any help regarding Poll or Feedback Plugin, then user can live chat with our experts.
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Search Filter By Time Plugin For Osclass (search_by_time)

Plugin Name: Search Filter by Time
Plugin URI:
Version: 1.0.1
Author: Rackons
Author URI:
Author Email:
Short Name: search_by_time


User can filter by Time on Search Page. 
Time will be display on search page so, it will be easy to search listings according to duration.

Like : 24 Hours, 1 Day, 3 Days, 7 Days, 14 Days, 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months.
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Osclass Festival Pack (festival-pack)
Classified Site with Android App

  1. 1 Year Hosting
  2. 1 Theme (Developed by Rackons Only)
  3. 1 Android App
  4. some Useful Plugin (Social Login, User Online, Messenger, Payment, Seller Verified, Digital Counter, Auto Post on Twitter, Youtube Slider, List Time Ago) 
  5. Subdomain Service (If required, after demand)

For asking any query related to this pack , please chat with us.

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Disclaimer :
"Keep in mind that there is no other website officially reselling our osclass themes & plugins, we do not provide support for themes & plugins they were bought outside this website!" 

Special Note :-  
- User need to pay extra amount if they want to change or add extra features in our Osclass themes, Plugins, App, Mobile Theme etc. ( Starting from $10 )
- If User want full licence of their own customization work then we will take extra charge. $99 for 1 Plugin, $149 for 1 Theme. Then Rackons Team cant sell their custom work on our site.

Osclass Problem :-
If you have any query regarding Osclass Theme , Plugins, App, Custom Work then you can ask with our expert on Our Forum. they will help you on forum publicly. if you have any query regarding your website then you can ask on our forum then our team will reply you