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Smart App banner Plugin for Osclass

( Best Viewed only on Mobile and Tablets )

Plugin Name:
Smart App Banner Plugin
Plugin URI:
Author URI:
Short Name:


This plugin will display banner of live app from google play store on top in mobile browser. 

Features :

Admin can

- change background color and button color
- change App banner title
- change App Banner description
- Change button text
- Change App banner image
- Change App Banner URL
- Use Android app url or iOS Url like https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rackons.app
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Auto Post Pinterest Plugin For Osclass (autopost_pinterest_plugin_osclass)

After published, please see result here : https://in.pinterest.com/rackons2015/autopost/

Plugin Name:
Auto Post Pinterest Plugin
Plugin URI:
Rackons Market For Osclass
Author URI:

Support URI: https://forums.rackons.in/autopost-pinterest-plugin/

Auto Post Pinterest Plugin

Auto post pinterest is a unique Plugin that automatically post your osclass ad listings to the most popular Social Site such as Pinterest. It is most awaited and needed plugin for osclass, it will help you boost your social media network, from which you will get more traffic to your website from pinterest. You can save your time and reach all friends and followers by using Auto Post Pinterest Plugin. Just post an ad and plugin will do the rest. Once you click "Publish" button your post will go to Pinterest configured Social Network account. The whole process is completely automated. Just post a new ad and your new ad with backlink will be published to pinterest. You can reach the most audience and tell all your friends, readers and followers about your new post. Plugin works with profiles, business pages, community pages etc.
Admin can also post every listing from oc-admin after editing the listing.

Before Using this plugin, you need to create account on Pinterest https://pinterest.com

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Web and Mobile Push Notification for Osclass (push-notification-plugin)

Plugin Name: Web and Mobile Push Notification Plugin
Plugin URI: https://osclassmarket.rackons.in/web-and-mobile-push-notification-for-osclass
Version: 1.0.1
Author: Rackons Market
Author URI: http://osclassmarket.rackons.in/
Short Name: push_notify


This Web and mobile Notification plugin use for sending Notification to Web and mobile users, Who will subscribe for the notifications.

Features :

- Send Web and Mobile push Notification through Moengage
- Send Web and Mobile push Notification through OneSignal 
- Use Custom Web and Mobile Push Notification 

In Custom Notification, Admin need to put the Title, Body Message, Image Url, Web Url.

We also mention youtube video tutorial for Moengage and Onesignal.
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EMI Loan Calculator Plugin for Osclass (loan_calculator)

Plugin Name : EMI Loan Calculator
Plugin URI : https://osclassmarket.rackons.in/
Version : 1.2.1
Author : Rackons Market
Author URI: https://osclassmarket.rackons.in/
Author Email: info@rackons.in
Short Name: emi_loan_calc


EMI loan calculator plugin Calculate EMI, Affordability, Tenure & Interest Rate and will display Stats.

The multi-purpose loan calculator plugin is a 4-in-1 calculator

EMI Calculator 

Interest Rate Calculator

Loan Affordability Calculator / Loan Amount Calculator

Loan Time Period Calculator

Front End User Features :

- Change Loan Amount 

- Change Interest Rate 
- Change Time Period 
- Change Fees and Charge
- Change EMI

Plugin calculates monthly payment as well as Yearly and will display on Table and Graph with Pie Chart

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Subdomain Service For Osclass (subdomain-for-osclass)
We are providing sub domain service for osclass due to huge demand for this service in osclass market . So, we are taking small fees for sub domain integration and configuration on your site. 

You need to provide us your cpanel after making payment. It will take maximum 2 hr to complete the sub-domain process on your hosting. (Dont use cheap hosting for sub domain service).  You need to specify which type of subdomain you want like : Users, Categories, Countries, Regions or Cities then we will do according to your specification.

After using our sub domain service, you dont need to install multiple osclass and multiple database. We will do with one osclass and one database with one theme

After making payment please provide us or mail (info@rackons.in) us your cpanel details (Your cpanel details will not shared with third party.)

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Basic SEO Tools (basic_seo)
Basic SEO Tools - 7 Days

It's a complete visitor and SEO analytics, a great tool to analyze your site's visitors and analyze any site's information. Believe us, you need it.

In this Basic SEO Tools, we will provide some popular tools like backlinks, ping, domain analysis, Native Widget, Visitor Analysis, Website Analysis

Note : After Payment we will activate your Basic SEO Tool Package in Our SEO tools Website

Features of Basic SEO Tools

  1. Backlink & Ping - UNLIMITED

    • Google Backlink Search
    • Backlink Generator
    • Website/Blog Ping

  2. Domain Analysis - UNLIMITED

    • Whois Search Data
    • DMOZ Directory Listing
    • Expired (Auction) Domain List

  3. Native Widget

    • Use our awesome native widgets

  4. Visitor Analysis - UNLIMITED

    • Unique Visitor
    • Page View
    • Bounce Rate
    • Average Stay Time
    • Average Visit
    • Traffic Analysis
    • Top Refferer
    • New & Returning Visitor
    • Content Overview
    • Country & Browser Report
    • OS & Device Report

  5. Website Analysis - UNLIMITED

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OsUltimate Classified Theme for Osclass (osultimate_rackons)

OsUltimate Classified Theme! Is a fully responsive, visually rich theme for content focused online communities. This sophisticated looking theme is versatile enough to be used for a variety of websites. We have built the theme, making everything more awesome along the way! This theme has all the tools you need to run a successful business website. It’s perfect for anybody that places an emphasis on elegance and sophistication in their website or brand. With an abundance of new features, this simple and responsive theme perfectly tuned for displaying your website design. The responsive framework has been completely built for a seamless display across all devices.

Responsive design

  • Responsive feature provides an optimal viewing experience-easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning and scrolling-across a wide range of devices.

Powerful Admin Panel

  • Admin can change Logo, Favicon 
  • If Admin want to use adsense anywhere on site then they can use from Adsense shortcode
  • Contact Page Control
  • Facebook Like Box
  • Many More

Customer Support

  • We provide great customer support through Live Chat , Email ( info@rackons.co.in ) and forum. Our support Working Days: Monday to Saturday.

Built-in and Integrated Plugins

  • Watchlist Plugin
  • Profile Picture Plugin
  • WhatsApp Share

ChangeLog : 1.6.2

- Bugs Fixed

Some Other Plugins You need to buy like Facebook Comment Plugin, Social Login Plugin, Social Share Plugin
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Geo Location Redirection Plugin for Osclass (geo_plugin)

Plugin Name: Geo Location Redirection Plugin
Plugin URI: http://osclassmarket.rackons.in
Description: User can redirect to another website according to location.
Version: 2.0.1
Author: Rackons.com
Author URI: http://Rackons.com
Short Name: geolocaredplugin

Geo Location Redirection Plugin will useful for those users who want to redirect their site according to location or subdomains. i.e If they are using usa.domain.com and they want US visitors redirect from domain to usa.domain.com then through this plugin it will be helpful and they will easily redirect to usa site. (usa.domain.com)

Geo Location Redirection Plugin is the easiest way for you to know where your visitors are from so that you can provide them with content more relevant to their geographical location.

Geo Location Redirection Plugin is unique in that it allows you to do this in a hassle-free way, and in multiple different programming languages. There is no software installation required,Geo Location Redirection Plugin has a way to simply and efficiently geo-localize your visitors.
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Wish Message Plugin For Osclass (message_osclass_rackons)

Plugin Name: Wish Message
Plugin URI: http://www.rackons.com
Version: 1.1.2
Author: Rackons
Author URI: http://rackons.com
Author Email: info@rackons.com
Short Name: wish-message

Display Wish Message with User Name (If registered on site), otherwise Guest on Site according to Time Zone i.e Good Morning, Username!. Use only this Short code " wherever you want. i.e header.php

Feature Wish Message 1.1.2
- Display Wish Message with User Name (If registered on site), otherwise Guest on Site according to Time Zone i.e Good Morning, Username!.
- Wish Images compressed.
- Use only this Short code " wherever you want. i.e header.php
- Compatble with Osclasswizards Theme(2.0.3 and above) only. For other themes, user can change stylesheet.
- Mobile Friendly.
- More Attractive.

For Demo : Live Demo
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Osclass Messenger Plugin (osclass-messenger-plugin)

Username : messenger_demo@gmail.com
password : demo123

Plugin Name: Osclass Messenger
Plugin URI: https://osclassmarket.rackons.in
Version: 1.0.0
Author: Rackons
Author URI: https://rackons.in
Author Email: info@rackons.in
Short Name: osclass_messenger


By Using Osclass Messenger plugin, Buyer and seller can send message with each other. They will also receive emails when they get get message. 


When user will get any message then they will get notified by Notification Box and Male Voice Message

Features :

Buyer to Seller or Seller to Buyer Messaging
- Attractive Look 

- Pre-Sale Messages Tags ( only 5 Tags )
- add link in header to show last 3 messages

- registered & non-registered users can send message to other users from listings
- Email Notification on every new messages
- Notification Box with Male Voice Message "YOU HAVE RECEIVED NEW MESSAGE
- Minify Css
- Easy to install and Use
- Compatible with All Osclass Themes and Version.

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Wish Message 2.0 Plugin For Osclass (wish2)

Plugin Name: Wish Messages 2.0
Plugin URI: http://osclassmarket.rackons.in/
Version: 2.0.0
Author: Rackons
Author URI: http://rackons.com/
Short Name: wish_all_message

Display Wish Message with User Name (If registered on site), otherwise Guest on Site like Good Morning User,  And Admin can mention manually wish messages from oc-admin like : Happy New Year, Happy International Day, Etc, !!!

Feature Wish Message 2.0
- Display Wish Message with User Name (If registered on site), otherwise Guest on Site like Good Morning User,  And Admin can mention manually wish messages from oc-admin like : Happy New Year, Happy International Day, Etc, !!!
- Font-Awesome Icons Used (No extra space required for images)
- Use only Short code " wherever you want. i.e header.php
- Compatible with all theme and all Osclass versions
- Mobile Friendly.
- Full Control by Admin ( like color, font size, icons, etc)
- More Attractive.

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Rackons Facebook Theme For Osclass (fbtheme_osclass)

Rackons Facebook Theme For Osclass :

Rackons Facebook Theme is flexible, professional, responsive osclass theme with clean, modern and well structured design as well as Advanced SEO also have powerful theme control panel.

1 . Full Responsive Layout : Bootstrap responsive framework works across different screen sizes and devices, to provide an optimized and interactive experience.

2 . Bootstrap , HTML5, CSS3 : We used web technologies HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap powered code gives you secure, flexible styling options & simplest use.

3 . Categories with Beautify icons on Home Page

4 . Easily Register From Home Page.

5. Premium Listing Carousel Will Display on Home page and Search Page

6 . Related Ads will be display on item page.

7. Rackons Facebook theme is unique and creative in all aspects.

8. Ad Management In this section you can configure your site (from admin panel) to display ads and start generating revenue. If you are using an online advertising platform, such as Google Adsense or any other In this function user can add below types of ad : Header Ad, Homepage Ad, Search results Ad (top of the page), Search results Ad (bottom of the page), Sidebar Ad, Search Sidebar Ad (NEW)

9. User can choose Custom Icons for home categories from admin panel.

10. Logo and Favicon can be upload from admin panel.

11. Advanced Theme Setting : This theme has own most advanced theme settings that's help user customize theme without technical knowledge. 

12. SEO FriendlyWe used latest web standards code and design structure will help website get the search engine exposure.

13. Built-in Widgets:  Facebook theme has pre-defined widgets and their positions to use Twitter, Facebook, Google, Advertising and more.

14. INTRO TOUR PLUGIN (NEW) : This is very Unique and creative plugin, we integrated this plugin wih Rackons Facebook theme, user can change content from Oc-admin. This will display on publish page for user guide,

 User can change some item post setting from admin panel like : Title min. length, Description min. length, Locations input, Locations required.

16. User can change some Search setting from admin panel like : Premium listings shown

17. User can add custom style or fonts from admin panel.

18. User can add Facebook Like Box on item and search sidebar from admin panel. User need to edit facebook page name. Also user can change footer social links and company description from oc-admin.

 Register and Login together on same page with stylish look and Mobile Friendly.

20. Item Page - Premium listing will be display with "Premium" Ribbon at top right side of item and "Ad type : Premium" in text format. - Total Item Views - User Profile Pic will be display in item sidebar with mobile number and email id (if users want)

21. Search Page

- Camera with image counts on listings Images
- Total Item Views display

22. Listing will be display in different look in Search page, User Public Profile, User Alert.

23. Cross Browser Support :Compatible with the latest versions of all modern browsers – Chrome, Safari, FireFox, Opera, IE9+.

24. Languages Support - English <br>Translate the theme into any language you wish using the included .po/.mo  <br>files.https://doc.osclass.org/Translating_and_editing_language_files_%28.po_and_.mo%29

25. List of tested plugins:
- Paypal, Paypal Plus, Payumoney (any One)
- Users and Listing Counter
- Tumblr Post Widget Plugin
- Google + Post Slider Plugin
- SEO With Sitemap Plugin
- Price tag Plugin

26. Built-in Plugin with Rackons Facebook Theme :

- Premium Listing Owl Carousel 
- Watchlist plugin (Free Plugin Made by Osclass Team)
- Send to Friend Plugin (Premium Plugin  Made by Rackons Team) 

27. You need to buy Some Plugins for Facebook Theme
- Intro Tour Plugin (Premium Plugin  Made by Rackons Team)  - CLICK HERE
- Social Login  (Premium Plugin  Made by Rackons Team)   - CLICK HERE

------- How to install? ------
1. Extract Rackons Facebook Theme.zip on your desktop.
1. Upload and Extract theme (file: rackonsfb.zip) via admin site or upload it into your webhost directly to Themes folder
2. Upload and Extract plugins (file: fbplugin.zip)  via admin site or upload it into your webhost directly to Plugins folder oc-content/plugins/
4. Install plugins via oc-admin
5. Done!!!

Live Demo : Click Here

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Osclass Website to Mobile App Source Code ( For Android Only ) (osclass-android-source-code)
Osclass Website to Mobile App is a Android based application for Android devices. It’s easy to use, with simple and beautiful design. This is a Web View application what transform your Osclass Classified Website to a Android application, Android project that allows you to wrap your osclass website in a simple Android application.

Now Turn your Osclass responsive website into a mobile Android app within minutes. In addition to transforming your Osclass Classified site into an app, it can do much more!

We also mentioned Documentaion link in this app for customization and build your Osclass Android App. You can easily build your Osclass Webview Android App through our Source Code.
- No Extra coding!!!
- No technical Skills Required!
- No Programming Skills Required
- Easy to Customize
- Support All Osclass Responsive Theme
- Well Documentation for understanding the Guidelines

You need only Latest Android Studio for build Osclass Android App, One Signal Details for Push Notification, Google Admob for monetization your app to earn money easily

Explore the many useful options & features we offer below :

1. Push notifications with OneSignal
- You can send notification to your osclass users through onesignal Website
( https://onesignal.com/ )

2. Admob
 Monetize your app within seconds and Earn Money from your Osclass Android app. Just enter your Admob Banner Id and Start Earning!!!

3. Splash Screen
- it will shows when app is first time launched on android device, You can use to display your osclass website logo, name, advertising content etc.

4. Pull-to-refresh
- It is a touchscreen gesture that consists of touching the screen of a computing device with a finger or pressing a button on a pointing device, dragging the screen downward with the finger or pointing device, and then releasing it, as a signal to the application to refresh the contents of the screen. You can also use this stylish layout to indicate page loading.

5.Navigation Drawer
- It is OPTIONAL. You can use the navigation drawer to add all your Osclass Website Menus to your Osclass Android app and It is hidden when not in use, but appears when the user swipes a finger from the left edge of the screen or, when at the top level of the app, the user touches the drawer icon in the app bar.

6. Rate my App
- A dialog that will display after x days or x launches to ask app users for rating on your Osclass Android App. An easy way to get more reviews on Google Play Store.

7. Google Analytics
- You can use Google Anaytics to track your Osclass Android app, find out at how many installs you have and full anaytics of your app

8. Many More Exciting Features
- You can change app color, icons, header color, show / hide header, customizations, loading indicator, About us Dialog, Share feature, Many More

Note: After purchasing this app source code, we will not responsible if your app is approved or not. But we are sure that All osclass Android app is approved from our side. If you want build apk or any customization work from us then you need to pay extra. We will not build your app at FREE of Cost.

Please Dont ask for Discount or Refund for this product. Its Easy to customize

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Fortumo Mobile Payment Plugin for Osclass (fortumo_mobile)

Plugin Name: Fortumo Mobile Payment Plugin for Osclass
Plugin URI: http://osclassmarket.rackons.in
Version: 2.2.3
Author: Rackons.com
Author URI: http://osclassmarket.rackons.in

Description: This plugin allows users to make payment for premium ads from Mobile ( SMS ).

Fortumo Mobile Payment Plugin is based on Fortumo service that covers more than 200 countries. This Plugin enchance your classifieds and give users more options to promote their listings.

Fortumo Mobile Payment Plugin provides to your customers following paid service:

  • Premium Ad - Make listing premium with expiration days (i.e. premium label will expire in 30 days) and let users to make their listings more visible.

Admin need to create an account in fortumo site before use this plugin, After creating an account on Fortumo, then admin need to change setting i.e. Fortumo Service ID, Fortumo Secret Code, Fortumo Image Button, (Test Mode also available), Premium setting (Number of Days to Expire ) and follow all steps from plugin file.
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Google Adsense Alternative Plugin For Osclass (google_adsense_alternative_osclass)

Total Sales : 39

Plugin Name: Google Adsense Alternative Rackons Plugin
Plugin URI: http://osclassmarket.rackons.in/
Version: 1.0.1
Author: Rackons
Author URI: http://server.rackons.co.in
Short Name: google_adsense_alternative_rackons


This is the best alternative of Google Adsense. Instant Approval. Earn upto $20 Per Click.

From this plugin you can : 

  • Learn how to boost your income from your web pages using Rackons Adserver : Make Money Online Through Website Monetization publisher account.
  • Show text/banner ads which are most relevant to your site content.
  • Earn revenue from the clicks you receive on our ads displayed in your pages.
  • Filter out advertisements of your competitors from your ad display units.

Features :

  • CPC Rate upto $20 per click 
  • View full stats of clicks and impressions 
  • Instant Approval
  • Full Live Chat Support
  • Easy to Use and Customize
  • All Sizes available for banners and text (Size : 728X90, 160X600 , 300X250 , 120X600 etc)
  • Ads For Both Desktop and Mobile
  • And many more features...

Note : Throught this plugin you can also advertise your classified site on our other partners site.
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Osclass iOS Mobile App (osclass-ios-app)

The first ever, Osclass IOS App is here. Get it today!

Osclass Mobile App, the first mobile webview iOS app made for Osclass

List of features

  1. Home
  2. User can post an ad
  3. Its Fully Webview App
  4. User can Register/Login
  5. User can search easily
  6. If you need a custom development, with more features, drop us a line info@rackons.in .
  7. GoogleAnalytics
  8. Push Notification ( Optional )
  9. English language
  10. Special :Earn Ad money with embeded your own Admob. ( Optional )

User need to provide us after make payment :

  1. App Name
  2. App Icon (1024x1024)
  3. Website Url
  4. Demo Username and Password
  5. Feedback Email
  6. Support Link
  7. Google Analytics Code
  8. Admob Code : Banner Ad Unit ID, Interstitial Ad Unit ID

NOTE: Source code is not 
distributed,  We will Not Provide .ipa or any admin .
You Need to pay for uploading ios app on Apple Store ( 100 Euro ) Per App

IMPORTANT NOTICE : SOME THIRD PARTY PLUGINS like WhatsApp Share, WhatsApp, Google + Login will not work on Osclass iOS App. So please check that before buy app from us

Special Note : No refund after build the .ipa file and We will not take any guarantee to approve ios app from Apple store because Apple has many restrictions
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Moderate Items Plugin for Osclass (item_moderate_osclass)

Plugin Name: Moderate Items Plugin
Plugin URI: http://osclassmarket.rackons.in
Version: 2.0.1
Author: Rackons.com
Author URI: http://osclassmarket.rackons.in
Short Name: moderateitems

Description :

Moderate Items Plugin allows admins to control listings added or edited by users.
For classified site moderation is so important. But Osclass script does not have that much moderation option.
When new listing will published, it will not be visible on front-end until listing is validated by admin.
There are four option to enable or disable feature :

1) Moderate all ads (admins have to moderate them)
2) Moderate edit (admins have to approve them, ads previously approved will not be visible until new approved)
3) Disable edit (users will not be able to edit their ads)
4) Notify admin in case of ad editing (useful for moderation, but it could be a problem if there are many edits)

Also there is another option to display Max Ads per week or Per Month ( SPECIAL FEATURE ) - Mostly Companies want to enable this feature for limitation on users listings.

Note :For this plugin, user validation must be disabled. So Admin need to disable this feature from oc-admin > Listings > Settings > Users have to validate their listings (disable/uncheck)
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GDPR Cookie Compliance Osclass Plugin (gdpr)

Plugin Name: GDPR Cookie Compliance Plugin
Plugin URI: https://osclassmarket.rackons.in/
Version: 1.2.1
Author: Rackons Market
Author URI: https://osclassmarket.rackons.in/
Author Email: info@rackons.in
Short Name: gdpr_cookie_compliance


GDPR plugin for cookie policies that displays a GDPR Cookie Consent Notice popup to helps you comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Click the Customize Cookies to display several options with checkboxes that enable the visitors to opt-in and opt-out of the various types of cookies:

- Analytics - Cookies used to analyse your behaviour on a website,  browser types, etc

- Essential - Essential cookies, these are cookies that are either used solely to carry out or facilitate the transmission of communications over a network or strictly necessary to provide an online service (e.g. our website or a service on our website) which you have requested

- Marketing - Cookies related to marketing, e.g. newsletters, social media, etc

- Site Preferences - These are cookies that are related to site preferences, e.g. remembering your username, site colours, etc.

After Installing this plugin, it will automatically run on website, you dont need to put any code
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Google Bing XML Sitemap Osclass Plugin (xml-sitemap)
Plugin Name: Google Bing XML Sitemap
Plugin URI: https://osclassmarket.rackons.in
Version: 1.0.0
Author: Rackons Market
Author URI: https://osclassmarket.rackons.in
Short Name: google-bing-xml-sitemap
Plugin update URI: google_bing_xml_sitemap


This plugin create Google and Bing XML Sitemap for Osclass

Sitemaps are an easy way for webmasters to inform search engines about pages on their sites that are available for crawling. In its simplest form, a Sitemap is an XML file that lists URLs for a site along with additional metadata about each URL (when it was last updated, how often it usually changes, and how important it is, relative to other URLs in the site) so that search engines can more intelligently crawl the site.This is a Google Bing XML Sitemap, meant for consumption by search engines.

It is the most popular plugin in the Osclass to create multiple sitemap for Items, Categories, Pages, Category Cities, Category Regions, Category Countries, Custom

NOTE : With this XML Sitemap, you need to buy also Advanced SEO plugin from our market : CLICK HERE Then you can get best response and your site will get searching on Google and bing
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Registered User Online Plugin For Osclass (reg_user_online_plugin)

Plugin Name: Registered User Online
Plugin URI: http://osclassmarket.rackons.in
Version: 1.0.1
Author: Rackons
Author URI: http://Rackons.com
Short Name: registered-user-online


This plugin enables you to show Registered User Online or Offline. We are using Font Awesome Icons in this plugin, So it will consume your space.
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France Rollover Map Plugin For Osclass (france-rollover-map)

Plugin Name: France Rollover Map
Plugin URI: http://osclassmarket.rackons.in
Description: This Plugin displays a rollover map of France
Version: 1.0.0
Author: Rackons
Author URI: http://rackons.com
Short Name: Francerollover


- This Plugin displays a rollover map for France Country
- Region will be highlighted on mouse hover.

- Easy to use.
- Compatible with all theme
- Compatible with all Osclass Version

Note : Before use this plugin please add "France " Country from Oc-admin . Settings > Location > Add Country
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Premium Listing ticker Plugin for osclass (premium_listing_rackons)

Plugin Name: Premium listing Ticker
Plugin URI: http://osclassmarket.rackons.in/
Version: 1.1.1
Author: Rackons
Author URI: http://rackons.com
Author Email: info@rackons.com
Short Name: premium-listing-ticker


Premium Listings will display as news ticker with images where you want to display i.e header.php.

Features :

- 3 Premium Listings will shown together.
- Horizontal auto Scrolling
- Scrolling stop on mouse hover.
- Premium Listing display with image , title, and price.
- All Premium Listings will be display.
- Item Page will open after clicking on any premium listings.

What is Premium listing Ticker Plugin?

Premium Listings will display as news ticker with images where you want to display i.e header.php.

How does Premium listing Ticker plugin work?

In order to use Premium listings Ticker plugin, you should edit your theme files and add the following line anywhere in the code where you want to display premium listing ticker, we will recommend top on header.php:

  <?php osc_run_hook('premium_ticker', 'prem_list'); ?>      
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Market Price with Discount Plugin for Osclass (market_price_osclass)

Plugin Name: Market Price with Discount
Plugin URI: http://osclassmarket.rackons.in
Version: 1.0.1
Author: Rackons
Author URI: http://www.rackons.com/
Short Name: mrp_price

Description: This Plugin will Display Market Price with Discount on Item Page.

User need to add Functions for display this plugin (in Item-post and Item Page)

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Home, Personal and Car Loan Calculator for Osclass Plugin

Plugin Name : Loan Calculator for Home, Personal and Car
Plugin URI: https://osclassmarket.rackons.in/
Version: 1.2.1
Author: Rackons Market
Author URI: https://osclassmarket.rackons.in/
Author Email: info@rackons.in
Short Name: hpc_loan_calc


This plugin will calculate Loan for Home, Personal and Car with stats.

Put this calculator plugin to your osclass website and enable your users to calculate how much would cost of car / Personal / home they are looking for if they would take loan from bank.

Front End User Features :

- Change Loan Amount ( For Home / Personal / Car )

- Change Interest Rate ( For Home / Personal / Car )
- Change Time Period ( For Home / Personal / Car )

Plugin calculates monthly payment as well as Yearly and will display on Table and Graph with Pie Chart

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Per Page      25 - 48 of 148

Disclaimer :
"Keep in mind that there is no other website officially reselling our osclass themes & plugins, we do not provide support for themes & plugins they were bought outside this website!" 

Special Note :-  
- User need to pay extra amount if they want to change or add extra features in our Osclass themes, Plugins, App, Mobile Theme etc. ( Starting from $10 )
- If User want full licence of their own customization work then we will take extra charge. $99 for 1 Plugin, $149 for 1 Theme. Then Rackons Team cant sell their custom work on our site.

Osclass Problem :-
If you have any query regarding Osclass Theme , Plugins, App, Custom Work then you can ask with our expert on Our Forum. they will help you on forum publicly. if you have any query regarding your website then you can ask on our forum then our team will reply you https://forums.marketosclass.org