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Osclass Social Login Plugin (osclass-social-login)

Plugin Name: Osclass Social login
Plugin URI: https://osclassmarket.rackons.in/osclass-social-login-plugin
Version: 1.0.0
Author: Rackons Market
Author URI: https://osclassmarket.rackons.in
Support URI: https://forums.rackons.in/osclass-social-login-plugin/

NOTE :  Website Should be https:// for Facebook Login Use Otherwise facebook login will not work


Osclass Social Login plugins allows users to login via popular social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+

- Admin need to put social login links individually on User Register and User Login Page of Theme Folder.
- Admin can See all social user login statistics ( User Counts )
- Use FontAwesome Icons instead of Images
- Individually Help Section for All Social Login
- Compatible with Above Osclass 3.0+ version and All Osclass themes
- Easy to Use

We mention Help Section of All social links in this plugin for creating API keys so admin will not face any problem while creating api keys for social network if you face any problem then you can ask on our site from Live Chat Support Team we will help you.
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Listing Timeline Slider Osclass Plugin (listing_timeline_slider)

Plugin Name: Listing Timeline Slider
Plugin URI: http://rackons.com
Version: 1.2.1
Author: Rackons Market
Author URI: https://osclassmarket.rackons.in
Author Email: info@rackons.in


This plugin will display latest listing in timeline slider horizontally on Desktop and Vertically on Mobile.

This is a timeline slider plugin for osclass with jQuery that dynamically displays latest listings in a responsive, scrollable, horizontal/vertical slider with a subtle fadeIn animation.

The timeline slider will automatically change the direction based on the current screen size. Compatible with Desktop and mobile.

Key Points:
Title and Description will display only

- Responsive slider Design
- Compatible with all osclass theme and version
- Hyperlink on Title Only
- Compatible with Desktop and mobile.

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Platinum Membership (platinum-membership-for-osclass)
Platinum Membership 

- Pay USD $500 and get USD $600.

- Get Six Months ( 180 Days ) Free Live Chat Support For your Osclass Classified Site.

-  Get Six Months (180 Days) Free Email Support For your Osclass Classified Site.

- User can buy Osclass theme, Osclass Plugin, Osclass Hosting, Osclass Advanced SEO, Osclass SSL, Osclass Pack, Osclass Android App, Osclass Promo videos, Osclass Rollover Map.

Valid For Six Months or 180 Days.

After payment amount will be credit on your Rackons Account within 24 hour.

- If you have use Rackons market Plugin, then you will see that amount on your plugins in Oc-admin .

- Buy Platinum Membership and save USD $100.00 .

Note : If you have any query then you can ask with Rackons Expert team
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Osclass Starter Pack (starter_pack)

Total Sales : 39

Osclass Starter Pack will be useful for those users who want to start new classified business at low investment with better seo. It contains following theme and plugins :

  1. Rackons Theme - $20 ( View Features )
  2. Android App - $40 ( View Features )
  3. 3d Social Auth Plugin - $10 ( View Features )
  4. Seo With Sitemap Plugin - $10 ( View Features )
  5. User Listing Counter Plugin - $12 ( View Features )
  6. Sticky Social Sharing Plugin - $10 ( View Features )
  7. Social Sharing Plugin - Free ( View Features )
  8. Wish Message Plugin  - Free ( View Features )
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France Rollover Map Plugin For Osclass (france-rollover-map)

Plugin Name: France Rollover Map
Plugin URI: http://osclassmarket.rackons.in
Description: This Plugin displays a rollover map of France
Version: 1.0.0
Author: Rackons
Author URI: http://rackons.com
Short Name: Francerollover


- This Plugin displays a rollover map for France Country
- Region will be highlighted on mouse hover.

- Easy to use.
- Compatible with all theme
- Compatible with all Osclass Version

Note : Before use this plugin please add "France " Country from Oc-admin . Settings > Location > Add Country
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Send To Friend Plugin For Osclass (friend_osclass_rackons)

Plugin Name: Send To Friend
Plugin URI: http://www.rackons.com
Version: 1.1.3
Author: Rackons
Author URI: http://rackons.com
Author Email: info@rackons.com
Short Name: send-to-friend-plugin

Share an Item on All Social Networking including Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+, Stumbleupon, Tumblr. Use this Send To Friend plugin without javascript. Use only this Short code " After Send button Code. i.e item-send-friend.php

Features Send To Friend 1.1.3
- url encoded.
- All Social Networking including Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+, Stumbleupon, Tumblr.
- Images compressed.
- Use only this Short code " After Send button Code. i.e item-send-friend.php"
- No Javascript.

Live Demo Demo
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Latest Listing Slider Plugin For Osclass (Latest_slider)

Plugin Name: Listing Slider
Plugin URI: http://osclassmarket.rackons.in
Version: 2.0.1
Author: Rackons
Author URI: http://rackons.com
Author Email: info@rackons.com
Short Name: listing-slider

Description: Latest Listing Slider will display anywhere on website. ALso this plugin styles, font size will change according to your current theme.

Features :
1) Mobile Friendly 
2) Responsive 
3) Compatible with all osclass themes and versions .
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Auto Post Pinterest Plugin For Osclass (autopost_pinterest_plugin_osclass)

After published, please see result here : https://in.pinterest.com/rackons2015/autopost/

Plugin Name:
Auto Post Pinterest Plugin
Plugin URI:
Rackons Market For Osclass
Author URI:

Support URI: https://forums.rackons.in/autopost-pinterest-plugin/

Auto Post Pinterest Plugin

Auto post pinterest is a unique Plugin that automatically post your osclass ad listings to the most popular Social Site such as Pinterest. It is most awaited and needed plugin for osclass, it will help you boost your social media network, from which you will get more traffic to your website from pinterest. You can save your time and reach all friends and followers by using Auto Post Pinterest Plugin. Just post an ad and plugin will do the rest. Once you click "Publish" button your post will go to Pinterest configured Social Network account. The whole process is completely automated. Just post a new ad and your new ad with backlink will be published to pinterest. You can reach the most audience and tell all your friends, readers and followers about your new post. Plugin works with profiles, business pages, community pages etc.
Admin can also post every listing from oc-admin after editing the listing.

Before Using this plugin, you need to create account on Pinterest https://pinterest.com

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Osclass Multilanguage Discussion Forum Plugin

Total Sales : 19

Plugin Name: Osclass Discussion Forum
Plugin URI: http://osclassmarket.rackons.in/osclass-discussion-forum-plugin
Version: 2.4.1
Author: Rackons Market
Author URI: http://osclassmarket.rackons.in
Support Forum : http://forums.rackons.in


Osclass Discussion Forum plugin allow users to discuss about your classified site or any topic related to classified site, products, real estate, vehicles, anything on Forum.

Features :

- Only Logged-in User can POST and REPLY any topics.
- All Non-logged-in and Logged-in user can VIEW all posts and reply
- Multilanguage
- User can use WYSIWYG Editor while post new topic and reply on post.
- User can use Emoji
- User can use IFRAME, Button, Hyperlink, Font-color, Fon-size, Font Styles etc
- User can check PREVIEW Before Posting
- User can PRINT any discussion
- User can UPLOAD Images, Audio, Video etc
- Modern and Advanced Look
- Compatible with Osclass 3.0 and Above & All Osclass Themes

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Autopost on Twitter Plugin for Osclass (autopost_twitter_osclass)

Plugin Name: Autopost on Twitter
Plugin URI: http://osclassmarket.rackons.in/
Description: After published a listing, listing will share autmatically on Twitter.
Version: 1.1.1
Author: Rackons.com
Short Name: autopost_twitter_plugin

Description :

The Autopost on Twitter Plugin lets you publish listing automatically from your website to Twitter. Listing will published automatically on twitter with Image. The plugin supports filtering posts based on custom post-types as well as categories.

Features :

★ Auto Publish listing to Twitter with image
★ Filter items to be published based on categories
★ Customizable message formats for Twitter from oc-admin
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Extended SEO Tools
Extended SEO Tools - 30 Days

It's a complete visitor and SEO analytics, a great tool to analyze your site's visitors and analyze any site's information. Believe us, you need it.

In this Extended SEO Tools, we will provide some popular tools like Backlink & Ping,  Domain Analysis, IP Analysis, Keyword Analysis, Link Analysis, Native Widget, Plagiarism Check, Visitor Analytics, Website Analysis

Note : After Payment we will activate your Extended SEO Tool Package in Our SEO tools Website

Features of Extended SEO Tools
  1. Backlink & Ping - UNLIMITED

    • Google Backlink Search
    • Backlink Generator
    • Website/Blog Ping

  2. Domain Analysis - UNLIMITED

    • Whois Search Data
    • DMOZ Directory Listing
    • Expired (Auction) Domain List

  3. Native Widget

    • Use our awesome native widgets

  4. Visitor Analysis - UNLIMITED

    • Unique Visitor
    • Page View
    • Bounce Rate
    • Average Stay Time
    • Average Visit
    • Traffic Analysis
    • Top Refferer
    • New & Returning Visitor
    • Content Overview
    • Country & Browser Report
    • OS & Device Report

  5. Website Analysis - UNLIMITED

  6. IP Analysis - UNLIMITED

    • What is my IP
    • Domain IP Information
    • Sites in Same IP

  7. Keyword Analysis - UNLIMITED

    • Keyword Analyzer
    • Keyword Position
    • Keyword Position Tracking (Daily)
    • Correlared Trending Keywords
    • Keyword Auto Suggestion

  8. Link Analysis - UNLIMITED

    • Link Analyzer 
      (internal, external, doFollow, noFollow)
    • Page Status Check

  9. Plagiarism Check - UNLIMITED

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OsUltimate Classified Theme for Osclass (osultimate_rackons)

OsUltimate Classified Theme! Is a fully responsive, visually rich theme for content focused online communities. This sophisticated looking theme is versatile enough to be used for a variety of websites. We have built the theme, making everything more awesome along the way! This theme has all the tools you need to run a successful business website. It’s perfect for anybody that places an emphasis on elegance and sophistication in their website or brand. With an abundance of new features, this simple and responsive theme perfectly tuned for displaying your website design. The responsive framework has been completely built for a seamless display across all devices.

Responsive design

  • Responsive feature provides an optimal viewing experience-easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning and scrolling-across a wide range of devices.

Powerful Admin Panel

  • Admin can change Logo, Favicon 
  • If Admin want to use adsense anywhere on site then they can use from Adsense shortcode
  • Contact Page Control
  • Facebook Like Box
  • Many More

Customer Support

  • We provide great customer support through Live Chat , Email ( info@rackons.co.in ) and forum. Our support Working Days: Monday to Saturday.

Built-in and Integrated Plugins

  • Watchlist Plugin
  • Profile Picture Plugin
  • WhatsApp Share

ChangeLog : 1.6.2

- Bugs Fixed

Some Other Plugins You need to buy like Facebook Comment Plugin, Social Login Plugin, Social Share Plugin
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Intro Tour Plugin for Osclass (intro_tour_osclass)

Plugin Name: Intro Tour Plugin
Version : 1.1.1
Author: Rackons
URI: http://rackons.com
Email: admin@rackons.com
Short Name: intro_tour

Description :
Intro Tour Plugin will guide sellers for Step-by-step introduction about post creative ads.Why Using Intro Tour Plugin?- When new seller visit your website you should demonstrate your site features using a step-by-step guide. Even when you develop and add a new feature to your product, you should be able to represent them to your users using a user-friendly solution. Intro Tour Plugin is developed to enable web and mobile developers to create a step-by-step introduction easily. Through this plugins, sellers can post creative and unique ads and ads will search quickly on top.- Compatible with all Osclass Version and themes but you need some instructions. When you will integrate this plugin on your site then please contact us then our live chat team will guide you even they can integrate on your site.

For Demo : Live Demo
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Simple News Ticker Plugin For Osclass (simple_news_ticker_osclass)

Plugin Name: Simple News Ticker Plugin
Plugin URI: http://osclassmarket.rackons.in/
Version: 1.0.1
Author: Rackons
Author URI: http://www.rackons.com/
Short Name: simple_news_ticker

Description: An easy to use, slick and flexible Simple news ticker in the style of the BBC News page ticker (http://news.bbc.co.uk) This plugin will display custom news on site, wherever you want to shown.

- Easy To use 
- Simple News Ticker
- Javascript Based
- Customized News From oc-admin
- Simple And Flexible
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Tap Notification Plugin for Osclass (tap_notify_osclass_rackons)

Plugin Name: Tap Notification
Plugin URI: http://rackons.com/
Version: 1.0.1
Author: Rackons
Author URI: http://rackons.com/
Plugin update URI: tap-notification

Tap Notification Plugin is Notification library that can be used to easily promote content or notify users, Notification buttons will display your latest message or offers on bar in footer.

Install :
- Upload folder "tap_notification to oc-content/plugins OR you can install from oc-admin.
- Go to "Manage Plugins" and serach "Tap Notification" then click install
- Go to "Plugins" tabs and select "tap_notification" and follow the steps.

Tap Notification 1.0.1 - 31-12-2016

- Tap Notification Plugin is Notification library that can be used to easily promote content or notify users, Notification buttons will display your latest message or offers on bar in footer.
- Font Awesome Icons used.
- Use only this Short code "<?php osc_run_hook('tap_alert','tap_notify' ); ?>" wherever you want to display buttons .
- Stylish Look.
- Mobile Friendly.
- More Attractive.

For Demo : Live Demo

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Search Filter By Seller Plugin For Osclass (search_by_seller)

Plugin Name: Search Filter by Seller
Plugin URI: https://osclassmarket.rackons.in
Version: 1.0.1
Author: Rackons
Author URI: https://osclassmarket.rackons.in
Author Email: info@rackons.in
Short Name: search_by_seller


User can filter by Sellers on Search Page. 
All Seller List will be display on search page so, it will be easy to search listings according to seller.
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Seller Verified Plugin for Osclass (seller_verified)

Seller Verified Plugin for Osclass, Admin can set verified or unverified by Admin. We are using quality images for both verified and unverified user icons.

Live demo :

For Lisiting Page : CLICK HERE
For User Public Profile Page : CLICK HERE
For Search Page : CLICK HERE
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Skype Buyer Seller Chat Plugin for Osclass (osclass-buyer-seller-chat-plugin-skype)

Plugin Name: Skype Buyer Seller Live Chat
Plugin URI: http://osclassmarket.rackons.in/
Description: Buyer and seller chat with each one through Skype.
Version: 1.0.1
Author: Rackons
Author URI: https://rackons.in
Short Name: skype_buyer_seller_chat
Support URI: https://forums.rackons.in/skype-buyer-seller-chat-plugin/


This buyer seller chat plugin will use for Buyers to chat with sellers easily through Skype (Both buyers and seller should be their account on skype). Seller can also change skype id for each listing.

Features :

- Sellers Need to put Skype Username while posting an ad
- Buyer can Chat with sellers through skype .
- Also Buyer can do video call or phone call to seller through skype. its built-in function in Skype.
- On Desktop it will display in middle of left side and on mobile theme Skype chat icon will display in left side bottom

Note : Skype User need to login on Skype Desktop Software or Skype Website ( https://web.skype.com )

Through Dekstop skype software seller and buyer can do text chat , video chat, calling but through skype website buyer and seller can do only text chat.
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Osclass WhatsApp Chat Plugin (osclasswhatsappchat)

Plugin Name: WhatsApp Chat
Plugin URI: http://osclassmarket.rackons.in/
Version: 1.0.1
Author: Rackons
Author URI: http://rackons.in
Short Name: whatsApp_chat


Buyer and seller chat with each one through WhatsApp. Seller need to put whatsapp number while posting an ad , then seller whatsapp Chat will display on that item page, after that buyers can easily chat with seller through whatsapp. 

Features :

- Easy to use
- Simple and Compatible with all themes
- No admin panel for that plugin
- Circle whatsapp chat icon

Note : We are working on Multi Messaging Chat Plugin for Buyers-Sellers ( Line Chat, Snap Chat, Messenger, Viber, Vk, Telegram etc )

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Wish Message 2.0 Plugin For Osclass (wish2)

Plugin Name: Wish Messages 2.0
Plugin URI: http://osclassmarket.rackons.in/
Version: 2.0.0
Author: Rackons
Author URI: http://rackons.com/
Short Name: wish_all_message

Display Wish Message with User Name (If registered on site), otherwise Guest on Site like Good Morning User,  And Admin can mention manually wish messages from oc-admin like : Happy New Year, Happy International Day, Etc, !!!

Feature Wish Message 2.0
- Display Wish Message with User Name (If registered on site), otherwise Guest on Site like Good Morning User,  And Admin can mention manually wish messages from oc-admin like : Happy New Year, Happy International Day, Etc, !!!
- Font-Awesome Icons Used (No extra space required for images)
- Use only Short code " wherever you want. i.e header.php
- Compatible with all theme and all Osclass versions
- Mobile Friendly.
- Full Control by Admin ( like color, font size, icons, etc)
- More Attractive.

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Rollover Maps Country Wise (rollover-map-country)
Rollover Maps With All Countries

We create custom interactive Rollover map for all countries like Sri Lanka Rollover Map  . The price is Euro 19.99 for the smaller maps up to a 20 Regions. For maps with more than 20 regions, please contact us on our Live chat Support Team.

How does it work?

Simple! All we need a picture of the final map & Region List according to your country and we will create the rollover map plugin for you. 

Note : If you want map with more than 20 regions then price will be different and you need to talk with our live chat support team to know the price.
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Osclass Live Support Chrome Extension (chrome-ext)
Osclass Live Support Chrome Extension 

This Extension support for osclass themes, plugins, seo, app and other osclass service.

How to Install Osclass Live Support Chrome Extension in Computer / Laptop / Desktop ?

Step 1 : 
Download the Zip file to your computer for the Chrome extension you want to install.

Step 2 : Go to chrome://extensions/ and check the box for Developer mode in the top right.

Step 3 :Click on Load Unpacked Extension

Step 4
: Then Select Osclass Live Support Extension Zip (osclass.zip)

Step 5
: Now Enjoy Osclass Live Support Extension Service.

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Moderate Items Plugin for Osclass (item_moderate_osclass)

Plugin Name: Moderate Items Plugin
Plugin URI: http://osclassmarket.rackons.in
Version: 2.0.1
Author: Rackons.com
Author URI: http://osclassmarket.rackons.in
Short Name: moderateitems

Description :

Moderate Items Plugin allows admins to control listings added or edited by users.
For classified site moderation is so important. But Osclass script does not have that much moderation option.
When new listing will published, it will not be visible on front-end until listing is validated by admin.
There are four option to enable or disable feature :

1) Moderate all ads (admins have to moderate them)
2) Moderate edit (admins have to approve them, ads previously approved will not be visible until new approved)
3) Disable edit (users will not be able to edit their ads)
4) Notify admin in case of ad editing (useful for moderation, but it could be a problem if there are many edits)

Also there is another option to display Max Ads per week or Per Month ( SPECIAL FEATURE ) - Mostly Companies want to enable this feature for limitation on users listings.

Note :For this plugin, user validation must be disabled. So Admin need to disable this feature from oc-admin > Listings > Settings > Users have to validate their listings (disable/uncheck)
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Focus Android App For Osclass In Yellow (yellow-native-app)

Total Sales : 9

Ready To Create Your Android App for Osclass.

Osclass Focus App, the first mobile app made for Osclass by Rackons Team

Available for Android only. Design and style should always work toward making you look good and feel good - without a lot of efforts - so you can always get on with the things that matter.

List of features

All Osclass features now available in your mobile phone with Osclass admin. Register, Publish an ad,My Account, Inbox, My Listings, Share or search in your app. Do you need any other features? Share with us we will add those features in your Android app!

User Registration

Users can sign up for your classifieds site. After creating an account, a user will be able to log in using his username and password.

Post Free Ad

With this app, you can post ads in one step: select a category, add a description and upload images from your device.

Item Details

Item page is well structured, offers the most important info: details, seller info, images, call to publisher, contact form and comments.

Multi Language Support

Multi Language option is available in this app (You can add language from oc-admin . Settings > Languages > Add Language)

Categories with Icons

Categories will display with beautiful icons on Home page.(Choose your own category icons from oc-admin)


This App offers both Keyword and Advanced search for ads of available listing types arranged into same tab.

Latest listings

Latest listing will display on home page (Premium Listing in Slider.)

Sliding Menu

The menu is hidden, and can be easily accessed by sliding to the right or by clicking on the menu icon keeping your App neat.

Favorites ads

Your users will always be able to add items they liked to favorites and browse them later on a separate page under Favorites.

Ad Manager

App features a flexible manager allowing registered users to edit, remove, upgrade to featured, renew plans and view stats.

User Profile

User Profile offers info about user account including Change Password, Email, Location, Upload Profile Image etc.


The Application is compatible with the most popular Android versions from Android 2.3 to the latest Android version.

Don't need Google Play Store Account

You dont need to pay for Publish App on Google Play store (Publish your android app on our Google Play Store).

NOTE: Source code is not distributed

We will integrate Focus Mobile theme (in Yellow Color ) with this Android App

Special Note : If you have any query regarding this plugin , please post your query on Rackons Forum then our Experts will reply you there. Click Here  

IMPORTANT NOTICE : SOME THIRD PARTY PLUGINS like Chat Plugins, Map Plugins,WhatsApp Share, WhatsApp, Google + Login will not work on Osclass Android App. So please check that before buy app from us
- We will take Extra Charge for Push Notification settings ( 39 Euro ). and we will use Firebase or one signal its depend on Rackons Company.

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Disclaimer :
"Keep in mind that there is no other website officially reselling our osclass themes & plugins, we do not provide support for themes & plugins they were bought outside this website!" 

Special Note :-  
- User need to pay extra amount if they want to change or add extra features in our Osclass themes, Plugins, App, Mobile Theme etc. ( Starting from $10 )
- If User want full licence of their own customization work then we will take extra charge. $99 for 1 Plugin, $149 for 1 Theme. Then Rackons Team cant sell their custom work on our site.

Osclass Problem :-
If you have any query regarding Osclass Theme , Plugins, App, Custom Work then you can ask with our expert on Our Forum. they will help you on forum publicly. if you have any query regarding your website then you can ask on our forum then our team will reply you https://forums.marketosclass.org